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V2 Cigs An Alternative To Tobacco Smoking

If you are seriously thinking about quitting smoking, then visit for more information. Smoke free cigarettes will make it easier for you to quit this unhealthy habit which can lead to various ailments that include lung cancer and heart disease. Aside from improving your health, you will also do your friends and family a favor by not exposing them to second hand smoke which can also be unhealthy for them.

If you are going to try smoke free cigarettes to quit the habit, you have a number of options. If this is the first time for you to try a smoke free cigarette, consider getting a starter kit. There are various sets that you can get under this category. If you are definitely decided on pursuing this kind of smoking cessation method, get yourself a standard kit.

You can also buy an express kit which offers the lowest price. This package will include one cartridge, a single charger, and a battery. If you enjoy the experience, you can get a bigger package with more cartridges. If you are quitting the habit with your spouse or partner, consider getting a couples kit which includes two standard kits that both of you can share.

If you enjoy a little taste in your electronic cigarettes, you can purchase flavored cartridges in your favorite palate. If you cannot decide which one to get, consider trying a sampler that contains a package of ten flavors. Some good choices include chocolate, vanilla, cherry, mint, tobacco, coffee, peppermint, and menthol. They also come in four different nicotine strengths from 0mg. To 18mg.

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E-cigarettes come with different accessories like drip tips made of rubber or metal. Rubber tips are more comfortable on teeth and the mouth since they are softer. Metal or aluminum tips are more durable and will last longer than rubberized versions but are hard on teeth and a bit slippery when moist. The metallic variety though, looks sleek and more sophisticated than the alternative.

An important part of an e-cigarette is the cartridge which contains the liquid that produces that same calming feeling real tobacco product gives you when you smoke. These cartridges are usually see-through to enable you to see how much liquid you have left. You can buy liquid refills at the same website you got your electronic cigarettes.

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Batteries are also a necessary part of electronic cigarettes. This powers the device to give you that ultimate fix. Without it, your device will not vaporize the liquid which you are supposed to draw on. These accessories are available in different sizes to fit into various e-cigarette models. There are short, medium, and long varieties of this product with corresponding and appropriate batteries for them.

At V2Cigs dot com V2 Cigs are available in refillable or disposable varieties. There are also limited editions of electronic cigarettes with special flavors such as cola and grape. It would be advantageous to visit the supplier’s website often to check on special offers and limited edition models. Occasionally, you may also be able to find sale items on the site.

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Where Can I Find A Smoke Free Cigarette?

Are you currently looking for a smoke free cigarette? This is a very popular item right now, because so many people see the benefits to using a device like this to help them quit smoking once and for all. But it’s still a relatively new item, so most people don’t always know what they need to do in order to find them. So I’m going to help you figure out where you can find a cigarette like this very easily.

The first place you should probably look would be right at your neighborhood pharmacy or drug store. I’m not saying for certain that they are going to carry it, but there is definitely a possibility so you might as well check with them if you are planning on starting using a product like this right away. There’s a strong possibility that it will be a lot more expensive at your local pharmacy, but if you desperately need to quit and you don’t care about the money than your local pharmacy would be a good way to go.

If money is a bit more of an issue, then you should look to find your electronic cigarette right on the Internet. There are many different websites that sell these cigarettes, and there is even a possibility that you’ll be able to get yourself a nice trial offer so it doesn’t necessarily even have to cost you a whole lot of money right up front. I can’t guarantee that this will happen, but I’ve seen some ads online offering deals such as this.

So go over to your favorite search engine and do a quick search for electronic cigarette or other words that are very similar. And then you can take a look and see which websites pop up. There will definitely be some good options for you right in the search results, so just click some of those links and take a look at the sites and deals that are being offered to you. I’m sure you’ll find one that meets all of your needs.

This is the best way to find a smoke free cigarette. So please use this advice and finally get the device that is going to help you quit smoking for good.

Vapourlites SmokeFree Cigarettes

Vapourlites are similar to normal cigarettes in that they look and work in much the same way. They come in a number of different flavours and nicotine strengths and produce an odourless white vapour.


However unlike normal cigarettes they are free from tobacco and tar. Most importantly they are also free of the cancer causing carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes. They do not produce the irritating unhealthy smoke associated with cigarettes. Vapourlites are exempted from the smoking ban and hence can be used anywhere.


Vapoulites are highly cost effective alternatives to normal cigarettes. Compared to normal cigarettes they are also a healthier alternative.


8 Reasons you should switch to Vapourlites

1. You can use them in public buildings
2. There are big savings to be made compared to regular cigarettes
3. Same Smoking Sensation
4. Smoke free, Tar free, Tobacco free
5. No second-hand smoke
6. Odourless, harmless water vapour
7. Range of nicotine strengths and flavours
8. Blue tip sets apart from regular cigarette

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What Are The Benefits Of A Smoke Free Cigarette?

There are so many people wondering about the benefits of a smoke free cigarette these days. Obviously, if you are a smoker, you would definitely want to look into something like this because smoking is a nasty habit and it’s very difficult to quit. There are very few smokers who truly, deep down inside, want to continue with this nasty habit. They only do so because they are hooked on cigarettes and there hasn’t been another option to quit that they’ve found bearable so far.

But that’s where the electronic cigarette comes in. This has been a godsend for many people who have struggled for years and years trying to quit smoking without any success. Using a cigarette like this, that isn’t actually a cigarette, is an ingenious idea because it allows the smoker to give up cigarettes, but not give up the habitual act of smoking or the addictive substance nicotine. At least not right away.

So using this type of a cigarette that isn’t a cigarette is a really good idea because you’ll be able to finally quit smoking the cigarettes that are killing you, but you won’t have to feel uncomfortable while you do it. You will most likely eventually want to give up your nicotine habit once you officially aren’t a true smoker anymore, but you don’t have to do it in the beginning so it should make quitting smoking a heck of a lot easier for you.

Once you are no longer smoking real cigarettes, you are going to be so much better off because you won’t be at risk for such nasty things like heart disease and lung cancer any longer. I mean you probably have done some damage as a smoker, but as soon as you quit your body will begin to heal itself and you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding so many nasty physical illnesses that are caused by smoking. Quitting is so beneficial to you and your overall health.

So do yourself the biggest favor of your life and give a smoke free cigarette a try. It might be just what you are looking for to finally quit smoking forever and reclaim your health once again.

What Is A Smoke Free Cigarette?

Since you are reading this article you are obviously looking for information about a smoke free cigarette. This is a very important topic for a lot of people who are smokers and really want to quit because there’s finally an alternative to smoking cigarettes that doesn’t require you to put all those harmful chemicals into your lungs. So I want to tell you about this amazing creation now so you can get a good overview and figure out whether or not it might be a good idea for you.

Another name for this particular type of cigarette is an e-cig or an electronic cigarette. The cool thing about this type of cigarette is that it doesn’t contain any tobacco, require fire or need you to inhale any type of smoke whatsoever. It is however a plastic cylinder that comes in the shape of a cigarette and it actually kicks off smoke but in the form of steam which isn’t harmful to you at all. So you will actually go through the process of smoking without actually smoking when you use this type of an electronic cigarette.

The good thing about this particular type of electronic cigarette is that you get to leave the real cigarettes behind, but you don’t have to actually immediately go into nicotine withdrawal. The smokeless cigarette is going to provide you with the nicotine that you crave, and give you a way to gradually wean yourself off of nicotine without having to further damage your health and still let you participate in the habitual act of smoking.

People find giving up the habit of smoking very difficult, as well as giving up the nicotine itself. With a smokeless cigarette like this, you get the best of both worlds because you can still participate in the same act of smoking without actually smoking so you don’t have to break that part of your habit right away.

Many people can easily quit smoking by using a smoke free cigarette. It’s definitely an excellent option to have and it will certainly make quitting smoking a whole lot easier for you if you give it a try.

10 Ways That You Can Stay Smoke Free (PART2)

6. Give yourself a gift

One of the things you will notice when you stop smoking on top of all those health benefits is the extra cash you have to hand. In fact why not save all the money you could of spent on cigarettes and place it in a jar. Over time this will be a highly visible reminder of how much your smoking habit cost. Then periodically splash out – you deserve it, buy yourself a special present for your landmark achievement.

7. Manage your weight

Quitting smoking is hard enough but many ex-smokers are saddled with the fear and reality of weight gain. This is due to an increase in appetite when you stop smoking. Make a concerted effort to eat healthily and avoid those foods high in fat and sugar such as fast food. Eat more vegetables and replace that chocolate snack bar with a piece of fruit.

8. No matter how hard it is

Relapsing after trying to quit the first time is fairly common. It may even happen a number of times. Do not give up or despair but go back and think about what keeps you from succeeding. You will be stronger next time when you are facing the hurdles. Set a new date and recommit to quitting.

9. Join the gang

It helps a lot to get all the support possible in order to quit smoking. Ask a health care provider like a doctor or pharmacist to direct you to a support group. They are very effective at helping people to quit. There are also online forums that you can log onto any time you need to get support. You can find others in the same position and you can help each other to stay strong.

10. Lastly, keep the faith

If you have a can-do attitude then chances are you will succeed and quit forever. You certainly will not do yourself any favors if you are constantly doubting your resolve. When things get rough just tell yourself you can get through this. Put temptation to the back of your mind ignore that urge and think positive thoughts – YOU CAN DO IT!

10 Ways That You Can Stay Smoke Free (PART 1)

1.Why Should You Stop smoking?

So you have come to the decision to quit but do you have enough reason to actually do it? Without the drive and willpower, you do not have chances of quitting. Put down your reasons in black and white and look at it everyday to stay motivated.

2. Decide on time lines

Prepare in advance and decide the day you are going to give up. Let your friends and family know that you are going to quit. Your colleagues at work could also make the difference between success and failure, you are going to need all the support you can get.

3. Make use of aids like Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Once the decision to stop smoking has been made, you may feel that you are strong enough to do it cold turkey. The truth is that this can be unsuccessful as most of those who quit this way tend to relapse. Nicotine is very addictive and the brain becomes completely dependent on it causing the body to suffer withdrawal symptoms without it. NRT is very useful in helping one deal with the lows of trying to quit. Lozenges, gum and nicotine patches can double chances of succeeding at quitting.

4. Find a way to deal with the stress

Having quit-smoking you will notice your stress levels increase. Nicotine is known for it’s relaxing properties and one of the reasons why many people smoke. It is a good idea to try and avoid those stressful situations. Relax and cut your stress levels by listening to music, start an exercise program or take up yoga.

5. Keep off the triggers

Some situations may make you really crave for a cigarette. A common trigger is alcohol as most people smoke when they drink. Avoiding the pub or social situations where people could smoke can help. Drinking coffee during breaks may also trigger the urge to smoke. Have a lot of water to beat this and to help detox the body. Try to stick to other drinks that are free of caffeine as well.